These are the kinds of products international trade shows live for—food that features the flavours and aesthetics of the country. Not only do they champion local flavours by using ingredients the Philippines has become known for, like calamansi and mango, but they also reinforce a sense of nationalism by slapping iconic imagery such as tribal weaves and the jeepney on their packaging. Two thumbs up for making an impression both on taste and presentation.

Theo and Philo Artisan Chocolates

  • These chocolate bars are wrapped in colorful delicate paper that feature local icons, flora, and fauna.
  • Wrappers hint at the flavor of the chocolate bar, like bananas for Milk Chocolate Turon and a rooster for Milk Chocolate Adobo.
  • Other interesting flavors are Dark Chocolate with Calamansi, Dark Chocolate with Green Mango and Salt, and Dark Chocolate with Labuyo.

Proudly Promdi Bottled Cocktails

  • These bottled spirits are handmade by female winemakers in the province of Ilocos Norte.
  • Colorful line art is used to depict distinct Filipino individuals.
  • The Katipunero features tapuey, basil-infused whiskey, and ginger liqueur, while the Mestiza includes bugnay wine, mango, and jasmine tea syrup.

Manila Cookie Story

  • These cookies come in tins that feature Philippine icons, including the jeepney, Christmas parols, and Dinagyang festival masks.
  • Cookie flavors include coffee (kapeng barako), dark tsokolate chips, and queso de bola.

Saint C Condiments

  • Here are bottles that pay homage to the Filipino’s love for condiments.
  • Each sleek bottle features a colorful, vibrant label, decorated with local-inspired woven patterns.
  • Flavors include 100% Calamansi All Natural Citrus Seasoning, Cocomansi (coconut aminos and calamansi) Sauce, and Pure Coconut Vinegar.

Banana Chiefs Giant Banana Chips

  • These banana chips are larger than usual, as they use giant saba bananas farmed by communities in southern Philippines.
  • Its adorable packaging features male and female tribal chiefs adorned with banana figures.
  • The chips come in ripe, salted, and pinoy bbq flavors. Chocolate-covered chips are also available.

The Dream Coffee

  • Wake up to a brighter morning thanks to The Dream Coffee and its sprightly packaging.
  • The single-estate, single-origin coffee beans are sourced from South Cotabato, Mindanao.
  • Its packaging is inspired by the woven textiles called t’nalak, by the T’Boli ethnic group.

The Fruit Garden Jams

  • Inspired by the French tradition of jammaking, the luxury jams and purees take advantage of the Philippines’ fruits and flavorings.
  • Bottles feature a European flair in their design, while their beautiful boxes highlight the flora and fauna of the country.
  • Over 30 flavors are available, including ube coconut rhum, calamansi brandy, and mango chocolate.