Patience is a virtue that can lead to great rewards.


This saying couldnt be any more appropriate when eating crabs. Because, despite the mess and the tough time cracking shells and picking every bit of the meat in those tight crevices, you are rewarded with soft, salty white meat with a subtle mineral sweetness.


Besides that, eating crab is good for you as it is packed with protein, which is vital in building and maintaining muscle, as well as vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, and selenium, which helps prevent a number of chronic diseases.


When that crab craving hits, you can turn to these home-based food brands to do the job for you. 


Where to Get Ready-to-Eat Crabs

Ley’s Kitchen

  • For Angel See-Ley who loves cooking for friends and family, launching a food brand in 2015 was a natural progression. 
  • She has lengua, beef rendang, and a bunch of pasta offerings, but the real star of her menu are her crabs.
  • Menu: Garlic Crabs, Soy Garlic Crabs, Soy Garlic Chili Crabs, Coco Curry Crabs, Black Pepper Crabs, Crabs in Yellow Curry, Creamy Butter Crabs with fried mantou, Crab Laksa

China Mommy

  • Linda Tan Co often cooked crabs for her family every Sunday. Her kids would then post her dishes on social media. When people commented that they wanted to try her food, the idea of selling it came about.
  • They started offering her Chinese-Filipino potluck dishes in 2016, starting with her Crabs in Curry Sauce and Special Misua.
  • Menu: Crabs in China Mommy Special Sauce, Crabs in Special Curry Sauce, Sotanghon Crabs, Salted Fried Crabs, XO Crabs, Creamy White Pepper Crab, Crab Meat Fortune Bags

The Chow Men

  • Abby Go and her boyfriend love experimenting in the kitchen on weekends just for fun. They would share their food with their families at parties and regular lunches.
  • Incidentally, one of my cousins mentioned that maybe we can consider selling online.They finally did in February 2021 under the brand The Chow Men.
  • Menu: Crab Fried Rice, Crab Congee, Crab Cream Noodle, Crab Cream Squid Ink, Crabs with Salted Egg Sauce and Egg Floss, Crabs with Salted Egg and Aligue Sauce, Black Pepper Garlic Crabs, Crab Dip with Fried Mantou

Pepita’s Kitchen

  • 2012 was when Dedet dela Fuente launched her lechon degustation at her home. After perfecting her lechon for 3 years, she started serving it to friends who liked it so much, word got around fast and not long, people wanted to order.
  • Her repertoire has grown to include other items such as Kare-Kareng Kasuy and Stuffed Chicken. She has a single crab dish in the menu but its definitely at par with her stuffed lechon.
  • Menu: Crab Gulong-Gulong, crabs (shell on or off) in a spiced coconut sauce

Sandra’s Specialties

  • Sandra Ngsuy loves serving her signature crab dishes whenever she has a get-together with family and friends.
  • She officially started her brand in 2015 after a good friend ordered crabs to give away as Christmas gifts. 
  • Menu: Chili Curry Crabs, Garlic Butter Crabs


  • Jecelle Tycangco loves entertaining at home and would often serve guests food inspired by her trips abroad.
  • Her friends eventually wanted more and requested to order, leading her to open Tableworthy in 2018.
  • Menu: Black Pepper Crabs, Coco Curry Crabs

Gourmet by Georgette

  • Its a home-based business started by Georgette Gabionza during the pandemic.
  • She was cooking a lot to make herself productive, and upon the urge and encouragement of friends who saw her social media posts, she began offering her food.
  • Menu: Roasted Garlic Pepper Crab with Crack Noodles, Steamed Crab with Garlic and Vermicelli, Salted Egg Yolk Crab, Ginger and Leeks Crab, Salt and Pepper Crab