These are the iconic chocolate snacks that define our childhood and have delighted generations past. Our palates may have matured and evolved, but just a bite of these nostalgic favorites is enough to revive the sweetest of memories. 


Classic Filipino Chocolate Snacks We Love



  • These colorful candy-coated chocolates have been around since the 60’s and are now made by Universal Robina Corporation. Nips also comes in chocolate bars with the candy-coated chocolates embedded in them.
  • They just released a dark chocolate variant for those looking for a more intense choco flavor.


Choco Mallows

  • Fibisco’s Choco Mallows has three layers: a vanilla biscuit, airy marshmallow, and then coated in chocolate. This was a sought-after lunchbox filler and it was so popular in the lunchroom we used these treats as currency.
  • Choco Mallows now also comes in packs of two for easy snacking.



  • Conceived in 1954 by Anton Goquilay and named after his son, Sergio, the candy bar was the era’s bestselling chocolate until the 1980s with its unique, powdered-milk taste. 
  • After leaving the market for a few decades, there are whispers that a comeback is imminent. Stay tuned.


Flat Tops and Curly Tops

  • Flat Tops and Curly Tops are two distinctly different chocolate products produced by Ricoa, the longest-running chocolate company in the Philippines.
  • Curly Tops may have lost its unmistakable swirl when they switched from handmade to machine-produced making it look exactly like Flat Tops, but the company swears that it uses the same unique recipes of both from the 1960s. 


Gold Coins

  • Produced by Goya, the smooth, creamy milk chocolate discs are wrapped in gold foil and embossed with the picture of a caboose on one side.
  • There are many different brands that produce these chocolate coins now, but 80s and 90s kids know the real deal with just one bite. 


Cloud 9

  • Another classic from URC, it’s a bite-sized chocolate bar with caramel, nougat, and peanuts that provide this thrifty treat with its addicting texture.
  • These are sold in packs of six or available individually in convenience stores for a quick midday pick-me-up.


Coco Pretzels

  • Repackaged, but promising the same, classic taste of pretzel sticks covered in chocolate with that kick of salt that enhances the rich chocolate-y flavor.
  • Curiously, the brand that produces these also offers chocolate-covered pretzels in the traditional knotted form.