When it comes to cakes in Manila, we are definitely spoiled for choice. There are just so many to choose from—from naked cakes to ones adorned with edible decors, even to trendy variants such as ube and cheese, or a black sesame version of the beloved Basque Burnt Cheesecake. But while the range is wide, only a handful deserves being called an all-time favorite and a classic. Here are seven that are on many people’s speed dials.


Classic Confections

Mocha Cake by Hizon’s Cakes and Pastries 

  • It’s one of those cakes that’s always almost present at birthday parties as it allows you to write celebratory messages on it.
  • The mocha-flavoured cake is very light, weighed down only by its custard centre.
  • The frosting adds to the overall sweetness of the pastry, which when eaten whole, is not cloying. 

Mango Torte by Cuerva Bakeshop 

  • The cake doesn’t look much but don’t be fooled by its portion. It’s more than enough to appease your satisfaction.
  • A flat disk of chewy nut meringue is slathered with house-made mango sauce crowned with the sweetest slices of fresh mangoes. 
  • Fancy dollops of whipped cream finish this frozen dessert.  

Butter Cake by Vargas Kitchen 

  • It looks plain, but get a whiff and the buttery, nutty scent will have your mouth watering.
  • It’s a tender loaf that doesn’t require any icing to make it any better. 
  • Toast a slice and be ready for a more gratifying experience.

Caramel Cake by Estrel’s

  • Another party favourite, this cake has been a witness to many birthday parties and celebrations. 
  • It’s a light-as-a-feather chiffon cake covered with thick caramel icing.
  • The cake is finished with swirls of white icing and capped with sugar flowers.

Chocolate Cake by Ms. Polly’s Specialty Cakes and Desserts 

  • It’s also known as the takeaway cake from the Shell gas station in Magallanes.
  • Soft and crumbly chocolate cake is cloaked in thick chocolate sauce.
  • It comes in different shapes and sizes.

Pistachio Sansrival by Jill Sandique 

  • Jill Sandique’s name is almost synonymous with the beloved sansrival.
  • Her version—layers of crispy meringue that have been thinly spread with smooth buttercream then generously  covered with chopped pistachios—has been loved by many generations.
  • The experience begins when you hear the crackle when slicing the cake.

Strawberry Shortcake by Mrs. Yulo’s 

  • A cake that’s big enough for anyone to have second portions of.
  • Three hefty layers of sponge cake are iced by whipped cream that’s been studded with strawberry bits. It is then dotted with strawberries on top.
  • There are many versions of this classic but this home brand is the only one that has become a household name.