Let’s begin with something controversial: not everyone likes chocolate. Some people can’t even physically eat it.

While Valentine’s Day began as early as the 1300s, its association with chocolate happened in the 1800s. By the 1840s, the Cadbury family had just perfected their chocolate production. What happened next was a genius marketing scheme that featured beautiful bespoke heart-shaped boxes that not only housed the prized delicacy but also served a pretty keepsake after. The rest was history—chocolate and Valentine’s became forever entangled.

Chocolate is undeniably a symbol of love and relationships, but it’s not the only one. If you’re not a chocolate fan or if you want something different, here’s a list of other edibles that will convey your emotions this Valentine’s Day.


Apero’s Valentine’s Day Box

Surprise your Significant Other with a delicious and romantic breakfast (and the best part is you don’t have to wake up so early to make it). Apero’s special V-Day Breakfast comes with a Pastry Box (Mini Morning Bun, Mini Pain au Chocolat, Mini Sourdough Croissant, Mini Tomato-Basil-Cheese Sourdough Croissant, Homemade Raspberry Jam), Sausage and Potato Waffle, Caviar and Eggs, and two bottles of mimosa. You can prepare a backyard picnic or just a fancy spread on the kitchen counter. Either will be appreciated.


Serendipity Gourmet’s Cherry Amaretto Crème Légère Gourmet Pie

This is one sexy pie, from the ruby red hues of the bottom layer to the heart-shaped whole cherries embedded in the filling. The tangy sweetness of the fruit gets a well-rounded depth from the slightly bitter amaretto and the light-as-air cream. It gives the classic cherry pie an upcycle.


Butternut MNL’s Cupid’s Strawberry Chantilly Cake

If you like your Valentine’s to be sweet, as in Lady and the Tramp sweet, then you might want to try this light but luscious new offering from Butternut MNL. Fluffy sponge cake alternates with delicious strawberry cream. On top? Heart-shaped strawberries and a medley of other berries give it a festive feel. Whether you’re spending Valentine’s with your partner, family, friends, or by yourself, you can count on this cake to show you a good time.


Polaris Fine Foods’ Shinzo

Who needs heart-shaped chocolates when you can have heart-shaped sushi? Premium sushi vendors Polaris Fine Foods will help you step up your V-Day game with ultra-lux, superb-quality sushi in that iconic red tin box. You can choose different sushi permutations to feature in your box, which, by the way, you can customize with your S.O.’s initials.


Made by Nadine’s Beetroot Cappelletti

In the past few months, ex-restaurateur turned pasta purveyor Nadine Howell Fanlo has been impressing gourmands with her homemade pasta and sauces, and for Valentine’s Day, she’s come up with season-compatible red pasta “roses.” They’re cappelletti shaped into the iconic V-Day flower and colored with beetroot. It’s a subtle but great way to add a theme to your home-based dinner date.


Sebastian’s Valentine’s Ice Cream Collection

Ice cream whiz Ian Carandang introduced dessert lovers to his Valentine’s Ice Cream Collection over a decade ago. He has four varieties—Closure, Unresolved Issues, Matinong Girlfriend, and Matinong Boyfriend (matino means “decent” in Filipino)—whose flavors he changes every year. For its 2022 run, he’s devised a honey-ginger tea ice cream (Closure), ampalaya or bitter melon sorbet (Unresolved Issues), vanilla malt ice cream (Matinong Girlfriend), and banana and Nutella ice cream (Matinong Boyfriend). It’s always fun to have an ice cream bar to represent your relationship status.


Poison Doughnut’s Strawberry Cream Shokupan Hoax

In the immortal words of Cher Horowitz: “Anything you can do to draw attention to your mouth is good.” Put that advice to good use with a fuss-free but tasteful milk bread slice topped with velvety cream and fresh strawberries. It may seem simple, but it has a faultless marriage of sweet and tart (and those are flavors you should aspire for in any relationship).