In recent years, both the government and private sector have continually poured efforts into promoting halal food. Halal isn’t just a culinary standard. Its preparation follows a specific set of steps, including a method of slaughter that involves an adult Muslim and a blessing. Since it’s part of how Muslims live out their spiritual well-being, eating halal food is as much a religious practice as it is a human right. 

To assure Muslims that they’re not consuming haram (forbidden) food, proper validation is required before a restaurant or food product can be considered halal. Moreover, its strict process has caught the eye and palates of more conscientious eaters. Globally there has been a movement advocating how halal complements clean eating. After all, Quranic logic emphasizes health.

If you’re in the market for some halal treats, then read on for some readily available halal certified goods.


Coco Joy Organic Sparkling Flavored Coconut Water
Enliven your bubbly with a touch of sweet coconut flavor. It gives a fun twist to either your sparkling water or coconut water, depending on what you’re looking for. Its flavors come in plain, Tahitian Lime, Tropical Pineapples, Sunrise Grapefruit, Summer Strawberry, Passionate Pomegranate, and Wild Black Cherry.

F&C Muscovado Sugar
This golden brown sweetener gets its color from the natural molasses in the sugar crystals. Healthier than its white counterpart, muscovado sugar has a warmer, wholesome flavor that works well on coffee, cakes, and essentially, your every sugary need.
Green Leaves Rice and Coconut Instant Mix – Bibingka
Whip up this classic Christmas snack all year round—and in an instant. Bibingka is a rice cake made with coconut water and glutinous rice. Traditionally, it requires a painstaking process, which involves soaking rice overnight and grinding as well as baking the mixture in banana leaves over coals. However, this convenient just-add-water version cooks in 10 minutes. You can use either a steamer or an oven.
Fiesta Pinoy Bihon
Love a quick stir-fry? Add a little depth into your dish with bihon or nouilles de riz. They’re long, thin noodles made with rice flour. The beauty of bihon is that you can enjoy it every day or during special occasions.
Family’s Brand Sardines
In the Philippines, a viand is a flavorful dish of meat, seafood, or vegetable typically consumed with rice. One of the most beloved and accessible viands is sardines, which, despite its simplicity, features a delicious medley of sweet, salty, even spicy flavors in a can. Family’s Brand Sardines offers a variety for every preference, including the classic tomato sauce, a spicy version, a coconut milk flavor, and even Spanish style.
Coco Mama Fresh Gata
Add a different kind of creaminess to your dish with coconut milk. Coco Mama Fresh Gata (that’s coconut milk in Filipino) not only gives your dish or dessert that coconutty spin, it also comes in an easy-to-use package.
Marca Leon Premium Coconut Oil
This versatile cooking oil doesn’t just offer the benefits of coconut, which include  enhanced immunity and growth. It also contains lauric acid, which has antiviral and antibacterial properties. This oil is readily converted to energy, so it does not get stored as fat in the body.
Big Chill’s Mango Nectar
This company started as a blended-shakes stall before eventually branching out and offering canned drinks. Big Chill’s Mango Nectar drink flaunts the natural flavors of the world-famous Philippine mango—sweet, fresh, and refreshing.
Fisherfarms Shrimp Cocktail
The shrimp cocktail has a history that dates back to the 19th century, but it became especially trendy in the late ’50s and ’60s. The shrimp itself is typically just plain boiled, so you must use only the freshest and the best seafood you can find. Enter Fisherfarms. It makes this beloved party food easily accessible wherever you are.

Orchard Squeeze Calamansi Juice Pure Extract
Now that you have the shrimp for your shrimp cocktail, it’s time to make the sauce. Traditionally made with Worcestershire sauce and ketchup, you can give it a Filipino zing by replacing the usual lemon with calamansi. Orchard Squeeze’s calamansi extract is just as zippy as the fresh version – only it’s much more accessible.

Century Tuna
Century Tuna is a favorite of fitness aficionados and generally everyone who loves convenience and flavor. It offers a plethora of tuna iterations, from spicy to Spanish-style, soaked in vegetable oil to seeping in brine.
JNRM Instayum Frozen Young Coconut
Instayum’s goal is pretty straightforward: to introduce beautiful Filipino ingredients globally. It parades the unmatched flavor of Philippine coconut with its grated, ready-to-use Frozen Young Coconut. If you want to elevate your kakanin (Filipino rice cakes), you’re going to need a few bags of these.