Drink coffee and eat it too. That seems to be common these days since coffee-based desserts have become a thing during the pandemic. From Dalgona coffee and kori-kohi, people are now turning to confectionaries for their caffeine fix. Not only do they address sweet cravings but they can also help put everyone in a good mood and boost their energy levels, two things people can definitely use right now during the pandemic.


Coffee-based desserts

Coffee Morning Bun by Apero (IG: @apero.ph)

Is it a croissant or is it a cinnamon roll? Its both, which makes it even better.

Coffee Madeleine by Kuma Pastry (IG: @kumapastry)

These buttery bite-sized sponge cakes are easy to pop-in-the-mouth.

Cafe Mocha Cupcake by Everyday Mom Bakeshop (IG: @everydaymomph)

The cake itself is made of tender chocolate cake sans butter, but the coffee taste comes from the heavenly crown of icing.

Kohi Cream by Kurimu (IG: kurimu.ph)

The tandem of the artisanal ice cream brand and Yardstick Coffee produced this, a frozen delight flavoured with the cafes signature Golden Ticket blend.

Coffee Pain au Chocolat by Apero (IG: @apero.ph)

Their version of the chocolatine is specked with ground Intelligentsia coffee beans.

Coffee Break Cookies by Mad Batter Co. (IG: @mad.batter.co)

Espresso-infused, dark choco chunk-dotted cookies thats perfect for, well as the name suggests, those in-betweens.

Cookiecino Cake by Contis (IG: @contis_ph)

Its a delicious hybrid between a coffee sponge cake and a butter cookie, crowned with Lotus Biscoff toppings.

Coffee Cheesecake by Cheesecakery Ph (IG: @cheesecakeryph)

One choice but two options. The silky smooth coffee-flavoured cheesecake comes in two formsin jars or as a round cake.