PHOTO courtesy of Zamboanga City Tourism Office

Stories of the Philippines’ culinary heritage through artisanal delicacies


The Philippine islands offer a unique variety of dishes enriched with the country’s longstanding history of influences. Traditional Filipino cuisine offers distinct regional variations, each showcasing a special character using local and indigenous ingredients. Heirloom recipes passed down from one generation to another are a testament to the cultural identity and traditions of Filipinos. Food is ingrained in the culture of Filipinos whether it’s through a sweet expression of affection or a warm gesture of hospitality.

Setting the spotlight on the country’s sardine capital, the Zamboanga Peninsula has a handful of dishes influenced by Spain and Southeast Asian countries. Zamboanga serves as a gateway to Southeast Asia located in the southernmost tip of Mindanao, one of the major islands of the Philippines, near Indonesia and Brunei. The flavorful culinary heritage of Zamboanga can be traced back to the roots of the Tausug tribe’s traditional, Tiyula Itum. This black soup, meticulously crafted from charred coconut, captured the Arab market and is famously served during Muslim festivities.

While the vibrant and colorful culinary heritage of Zamboanga has made a name for the region, it continues to excite and captivate fans and food lovers with new tastes and flavors offered by the local food manufacturers. Elevate your offerings by sourcing and introducing some of Zamboanga’s best artisanal delicacies and products to your market.


PHOTO courtesy of E-Cure Enterprises

  • Organic Health Drink by E-Cure Enterprises

    Kickstart your day with a shot of E-Cure’s Organic Health Drink for an instant health boost. Each bottle contains natural ingredients such as garlic, ginger, lemon, honey, and apple cider vinegar. E-Cure rewards customers who recycle used bottles by giving discounts for every returned bottle in their effort to achieve sustainability.

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  • Tiyula Itum Black Coconut Stew Powdered Seasoning Mix by Ola Food Products

    Make classic Southern Filipino traditional dishes by using Ola Food Products’ powdered seasoning mix. The founder carefully curated a blend of spices creating a unique flavor profile. Ola Food Products aims to introduce and make classic Southern dishes a staple in every Filipino household through their Tiyula Itum Black Coconut Stew Powdered Seasoning Mix. Now everyone has a chance to cook Tausug specialty dishes such as Chicken Pyanggang Black Chicken Stew and Satti Sauce Powdered Mix in the comforts of their own home and discover the flavors of Zamboanga.

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PHOTO courtesy of Doña Christina by RK Trading and Services

  • Tiyulah Itum Spanish Style Sardines by Doña Christina by RK Trading and Services

    Doña Christina, a woman-owned company, created their own gourmet collection of premium-quality and specialty goods. A bottle of Tiyulah Itum Spanish Style Sardines encapsulates the authentic flavors of Zamboanga. Each bottle is adorned with the iconic Doña Christina silhouette in Habul Tyahi’an pattern created by visual artist Rameer Tawasi.

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