Get to know these culinary rockstars and their uniquely mouthwatering creations

Making waves in the global scene, Filipino cuisine has been making headlines with its unique flavors and techniques. The rise to international fame of Filipino cuisine resulted in Philippine products and ingredients becoming household staples as more people recreate our classic dishes like adobo and sinigang. Classic dishes make the best foundation and establish identity, but creating different versions is the gateway to discovering dynamic fusion in flavors.

Marrying unusual combinations of Filipino ingredients and a variety of culinary techniques unlocks the potential of Philippine native dishes and ingredients. Get to know the chefs, and their signature products, who are reimagining Filipino food and elevating familiar repertoire.


Ube Butter Jar by Chef Barb Batiste of Big Boi

The sweet purple yam native to the Philippines instantly became a fan favorite in the international dessert scene. Paying homage to her Filipino roots and her late father “Boi,” Chef Barb Batiste opened Big Boi to serve classic Filipino comfort food. Big Boi’s Ube Butter Jars piqued the attention of the diverse culture on the West Coast, even gaining attention from Hollywood celebrities. The restaurant also offers other butter variants in classic Filipino desserts like Ensaymada Butter and Buko Pandan Butter.

Location: 2027 Sawtelle Blvd., Los Angeles, California 90025

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Kare-Kare Bon Bon by Chef Chele Gonzáles of Gallery by Chele

Inspired by his travels across the Philippine provinces and regions, Spanish-born Chef Chele Gonzáles of Gallery by Chele is on a mission to elevate Filipino cuisine and preserve the Philippine culinary heritage. Chef Chele’s signature dishes such as Kare-Kare Bon Bon and Laksa Inasal intertwine traditional Filipino ingredients and local and global culinary techniques to transform them into a sophisticated concoction of flavors.

Earning the 69th spot in Asia’s Best Restaurants in 2022, Chef Chele and his team are mainstreaming the uniqueness and diversity of the Philippine region.

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Adobo Chocolate Chip Cookies by Abi Balingit

Filipino and western fusion is still a relatively new concept in the world of food, and even more when integrating Filipino dishes like adobo into a western favorite dessert. Blogger Abi Balingit, a Brooklyn-based Filipino-American blogger and author of Mayumu: Filipino American Desserts Remixed, reimagined the classic chocolate chip cookie by adding a Filipino touch. Balingit found the sweet spot of sweet and savory by infusing the butter with bay leaves, replacing salt with soy sauce, and mixing in a splash of vinegar to the dough.

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Seared Kangaroo Kinilaw by Chef Ross Magnaye of Serai

The Seared Kangaroo Kinilaw with wood roast bone marrow would have to be the most symbolic Australian and Filipino fusion. Chef Ross Magnaye reimagines the traditional kinilaw by using Australia’s staple produce of protein while staying true to the heart of the dish. Solidifying Filipino culture by sharing Filipino flavors, Chef Magnaye is literally blazing the fire of his roots in Melbourne with the woodfire grill as its centerpiece.

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Location: 7 Racing Club Lane, Melbourne

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