Filipinos love food. A cultural language, no Filipino introduction is complete without food being offered off the bat, regardless of time, day, or place. Cooking, however, is another thing. Not mutually exclusive, preparing a meal also entails considerable time and effort. And because it does take a particular talent or skill set to produce a decent meal, many of us end up buying ready-to-eat fare or dining out entirely.

This is probably the same reason why the “paluto” continues to thrive in the country’s food culture, decades since it entered the scene. There is a certain joy and satisfaction outside one’s own kitchen in being able to order fresh food and have it cooked or prepared in the manner you want to enjoy the dish (fried, steamed, stewed, and the like) without the fuss or mess.

The folks at One World Deli (OWD) lets you do the same, though they do take it to the next level. Where the usual paluto concentrates mostly on fresh seafood and what’s on their menu, One World lets you do the actual shopping down to the ingredients of your dish at the store itself – a mixed-use retail space for dining, wining, food shopping, or merely taking a coffee break in a light yet elevated space.

Fresh and light – Tuna Sashimi and Buccatini Cacio y Pepe both deliver clean flavors without sacrificing taste.

The menu readily reflects the fresh seafood, meat, and poultry at the deli counter. What most diners and shoppers probably wouldn’t realize as easily is that one can make a selection from the fresh food, grab a jar of tomato sauce and pasta, or produce from the display shelves to make their sit-down meal. Going off-menu is welcomed, since discovering food is really part of the whole customer experience at One World Deli (@oneworlddeli), according to Edward Adam Brin who heads the OWD store in Pasay City. He explains that the ingredients used do come from the store’s actual selection, which, upon closer inspection, champions many local artisan brands side by side premium international labels.

Local brands in a global culture
OWD firmly commits to its vision of a food community that upholds sustainable causes – from the goods and brands they work with, down to the very consumers they serve. And, it clearly shows in their current food and beverage roster.

And amid the quick and easy consumer mindset, Filipino brands continue to throw their hat in the game at the same time helping elevate quality mealtime and healthy snacking at par with international tastes and trends. From seafood, produce, snacks, and beverages, here are some of the local brands one can enjoy in-store or at home for one’s personal food adventure.

Gelato Manila (@gelatomanila)
Holding its own among popular cold desserts, Gelato Manila makes it work with its Pili Nut Chocolate, Polvorones, and Homemade Taho flavors among others.


Risa Chocolate (@risachocolate)
Considered an OG among Philippine chocolatiers, this pioneering brand introduced Filipino consumers to endless possibilities when it comes to single-origin, locally sourced, and food-inspired chocolate bars. A Bacon Chili Chocolate variant seems a very promising flavor bomb.

Unang Gisa Cooking Starter (@unanggisa)
This series of mixes takes out the tediousness and mess of chopping chili, garlic, onions, and other flavor-based ingredients when cooking savory meals, and can be even used for dips, dressings, marinades, and sauces. The versatility of flavors makes Unang Gisa a perfect kitchen staple.

Tsaa Laya (@tsaalaya)
A flavorful representation of the fruits, herbs, and overall vegetation and landscape of the Philippine regions, this brand is also creating a sustainable space for the communities cultivating the herbal traditions for a new generation of global tea enthusiasts.

Just as One World Deli continues to create sharing spaces for food appreciation and learning for everyone to enjoy, from cooking aficionados down to the merely curious at heart, one can find more food delights from local to international food brands under one roof with IFEX Philippines, the country’s largest exhibition for the best flavors and ingredients in food today. IFEX Philippines, as organized by the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) for the past 16 years, offers a dynamic landscape for bringing the best of food, beverages, and ingredients as backed by premium quality and excellence from Filipino manufacturers across the regions alongside global food flavors.

Driven by fellow food lovers and industry movers the world over, experience your next big food sojourn at the 17th IFEX Philippines, happening from May 10-12, 2024 at the World Trade Center (WTC) Metro Manila in Pasay City. For the latest updates on this event and other details on quality export F&B products, visit or connect with us through our facebook and linkedin accounts.

All photos courtesy of Eleanor Satuito