PHOTO courtesy of Malagos Chocolate

Try these world-class cacao nibs from the Philippines

With the growing movement and demand for natural, healthier, and sustainable food alternatives, more food producers are responding to the call. When it comes to chocolates, nothing could be healthier—or more nutrient-dense—than raw cacao nibs.

The purest form of chocolate, these tiny crushed cacao nibs contain iron, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, manganese, and copper. These nutrients provide a lot of health benefits like lowering risks of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and heart disease.

Plus, unlike many highly-processed chocolate products, cacao nibs can be easily integrated into any diet because it is vegan, keto-friendly, and gluten-free.

In the Philippines, local chocolate manufacturers and cacao farmers continue to push the boundaries of cacao. They earn international recognition and awards and offer a variety of top-quality products for the export market.

For consumers of cacao nibs, here are some of the world-class homegrown brands you should try.

PHOTO courtesy of Auro Chocolate

Auro Chocolate’s Roasted Cacao Nibs

Earning a spot in the top 20 Best Cacao Beans in the World in 2019 by the Cocoa of Excellence, Auro is one of the leaders in priming the Philippine cacao industry. Auro Chocolate builds strong sustainability partnerships by working directly with Filipino farmers to produce world-class quality chocolates. True to its name, Auro, derived from the chemical element Au and the Spanish word for gold oro, aims to elevate the lives of Filipino farmers who are precious as gold.

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PHOTO courtesy of Malagos Chocolate

Malagos Chocolate’s Roasted Cacao Nibs

Originating from the farms in Malagos, Davao City, Malagos Chocolate is a pioneer in the Philippine cacao industry, bagging over 50 international awards and commendations. With the goal to produce the finest quality tree-to-bar single-origin chocolate, Malagos Chocolate starts from the heart of the cacao bean. The roasted cocoa nibs are also used to make Malagos’ cocoa liquor.

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PHOTO courtesy of SaBroso Tsokolate

SaBroso Tsokolate’s Pure Roasted Cacao Nibs

SaBroso Cacao Chocolates, Camiguin’s finest tsokolate, is a rising star with a love for the Philippine cacao industry and local communities that produces locally and ethically sourced cacao beans. Farmed from the land of Camiguin, The Land Born of Fire, SaBroso’s roasted cacao nibs have a unique taste and flavor profile because of the island’s rich and fertile volcanic soil.

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PHOTO courtesy of PHILIA

PHILIA’s Dark Chocolate Coated Cacao Nibs

PHILIA’s cacaos are sourced from the rainforests of Mindanao, producing a balanced astringency and bitter taste notes. PHILIA products are even made special because the brand partner with the indigenous communities of Blaan, Manobo, and Teduray. PHILIA puts a twist by coating a rare criollo variety of pure cacao nibs with dark chocolate. After-dinner desserts are made healthier with PHILIA’s chocolate-coated nibs.

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PHOTO courtesy of The Superfood Grocer

Superfood Grocer’s Coconut Sugar Coated Cacao Nibs

The Superfood Grocer is on a mission to make plant-based alternatives more accessible by offering vegan snacks and healthy superfood options, such as their Coconut Sugar Coated Cacao Nibs. Balancing the bitterness of cacao nibs by adding sweetness from the coconut sugar coating. Snack on these cacao nibs without the added guilt!

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