No other food is more universally beloved than chocolate. In the Philippines, our local chocolate bars, tsokolate drinks, and chocolate-flavored deserts have always been part of the local food culture. Here is a list of local chocolate brands to satisfy your sweet cravings.


Complete List of Philippine Chocolate Brands


Universal Robina Corporation

The food manufacturing giant accounts for 38% of the chocolate market, with Cloud 9 and Nips as their best selling products.

Commonwealth Foods Inc.

Now simply known as Comfoods, this company established in 1951 by James Huang produces the Ricoa brand of chocolate powders and syrups, as well as chocolate candy brands Curly Tops and Flat Tops.


Now owned by Delfi Corp, the heritage brand has been repackaged to be premium chocolate made affordable with a variety of chocolate treats, including their bestselling chocolate spread.

Columbia International Food Products Inc.

Produced with the hardworking Filipino in mind, the ninety-year-old company offers affordable chocolate treats such as Toptop and Chocquik.


Made from cacao beans grown in Davao del Sur, their award-winning chocolate bars include the 70% Dark Chocolate Saloy Reserve and the 32% Roasted White Chocolate Cashew.

Theo + Philo

One of the most recognizable and well-distributed artisanal chocolate brands in the country, they are known for their unique flavor profiles that include calamansi, green mango with salt, and adobo.


Made using a combination of Davao cacao beans and Benguet coffee beans, it offers chocolate bars with distinct Filipino flavors such as chicharron (pork rind).


The premium chocolate brand utilizes cacao beans from South Cotabato. Its bestselling chocolate Pastillas de Pili showcases the rich nuts indigenous to the Bicol region.

Tigre Y Oliva

Made by an Italian chocolatier based in La Union, the brand uses Davao cacao beans from three different origins that boast different flavor profiles. Their chocolate bars are packaged in beautiful Florentine paper.

True Chocolate

Their truffles, bonbons, and chocolate bars are a combination of Belgian couverture chocolate and local cacao beans from Negros Occidental. The Nutty Dark Chocolate Truffles rolled in almonds and pistachios are their bestsellers.


This pioneering brand grows their own cacao beans from their Davao farm and has been heralded as one of the Top 50 Beans of the World. Their bestselling 85% Dark Chocolate offers a taste of their superior cacao beans.

Coco Dolce

Its distinct flavor comes from its utilization of coconut products such as coconut sap sugar, nectar, and virgin coconut oil, making it a popular choice for vegans.

Manila Chocolatier

Their unique pralines are a showcase of the city as a melting pot of cultures and flavors, infusing their chocolates with Filipino flavors such as buko pandan, banana cue, melted muscovado sugar, ginger tea, and lambing, among others.

Kablon Farms

The family-owned company based in South Cotabato offers a selection of cacao-based products, including their much talked-about 60% Spicy Raw Chocolate.

Ginto Chocolates

Co-founder and head chocolatier Dalareich Polot is one of the first Filipino chocolatiers to get certified by the illustrious Ghent University in Belgium. She is based in the island of the aptly-named Chocolate Hills, Bohol.