The pandemic might make you think twice about bringing dad to his favourite steakhouse but dont let that stop him from enjoying a great slab at home. Weve rounded up the best food gifts that can be ordered online and delivered straight to his doorstep. Theres one for every type of dadfrom a vintage wine drinker and a meat-and-potatoes guy, to a health buff and someone who loves his desserts.

Gifts for different kinds of dads

For dads who love meats

VOR is a virtual butcher shop that has quite a variety of meats including dry-aged steaks and burgers. From USDA prime bone-in ribeye to Australian Wagyu tomahawk with a marbling score of 5, this online butchery will have dads tucking their napkins under their chin with delight.



For dads who chill with a Vieilles vignes

Apart from supplying Joselito Iberia Bellota, cognac and sake, the Artisan Cellar Door located along Pasong Tamo Extension, houses a wide range of reputable wines culled from all over the world, including exclusives such as the Bruno Claveliers Vosne Romanee.



For dads who need their caffeine fix

Type A Coffee can deliver his favourite morning brew straight to his house, anytime from 9am to 3pm, Mondays to Saturdays. Their beverage menu is found on their website and it has practically everything you need for a good coffee experience, including milk mixers, coco sugar syrups, and nut milks. 



For dads who are health conscious

As Nature Intended is your one stop shop to live a healthy life. It has items that touch on nutrition and fitness, to beauty and overall well-being. And their site is so easy to navigate with specific categories such as keto, vegan, organic, and gluten-free guiding your online shopping.



For dads who have a sweet tooth

From the same group as Carlitos Catering comes a cake brand that addresses your sweet cravings. They have breads too but to guarantee sweet satisfaction, get the Butternut Bakerys bestsellers, which include the layered bravo de mercedes, single origin chocolate cake, and moistest carrot cake ever.



For dads who indulge in a gourmet meal

Celebrated chef Aaron Isip has made special meals possible to have at home with his brand Gastronomade Manila. His line of sauces like the yuzu meuniere and sobrasada turn any regular dish into something extraordinary. His meal kits can have you serving your dad delicious steak frites, duck ala orange, and fried frogs legs too.

IG: @gastronomademnl


For dads who can’t contain their love for chocolates

Tigre Y Oliva is a humble brand that produces single origin craft chocolates from the Philippines. Though a longtime player in the industry, their innovations never get old. Apart from chocolate bars showcasing cacao from Davao, Bohol and South Cotabato, they also have banana crisps, pili butter bars, brownies and cookies that do our local chocolates justice.