With close to half a million posts under the hashtag #ube in Instagram, the beloved purple yam the Philippines continues to shine in the culinary limelight. Notable media vehicles such as GQ and The Today Show have taken notice and delight of the tuber’s subtle sweetness, earthy notes, and appealing color.

How the world is enjoying ube

Golden Cristal Ube Doughnut

  • This kooky creation, made by Bjorn dela Cruz of Manila Social Club in Miami, helped boost the awareness of the humble crop.
  • Because of its price ($1200/dozen), it was known the world over as the priciest doughnut ever.
  • There is Cristal champagne in the dough and icing. The ube-flavored pastry is airbrushed with 24-karat gold and embellished with a gold leaf. Then, it can be delivered to your doorstep via a Rolls Royce.

Ube crack cookies

  • Ubelicious Desserts, based in Lancaster, California, has been baking a range of purple pastries since 2019.
  • They have purple yam brownies and rice krispies that come in solo packs or as party samplers.
  • The bestseller is their soft and moist ube crinkles called ube crack cookies, which use ube halaya or jam.

Ube cinnamon rolls

  • Ube cookies, cream puffs, cinnamon rolls, cupcake, and pop tart have been coming out of the pastry kitchen of All Things Ube in San Diego, California.
  • The business was started by young couple Daphne and Dennis back in 2018.
  • They also released an ube drumstick last summer. It is a scoop of ube ice cream in a sugar cone, draped with ube ganache.

Ube cake

  • It is a light purple yam cake iced with an ube-flavored cream cheese frosting made by the Buttercup Bakeshop in New York.
  • They also have it in cupcake form.
  • Owner Jennifer started with cupcakes but has since then baked more old-fashioned American desserts.
  • She has a couple of branches all over the city, from midtown and midtown east, to downtown and Greenwich Village.

Ube cheesecake

  • UBAE has been popularising the purple yam in Hawaii for a long while now.
  • Their ube tarts were even awarded Hawaii’s Best 2019 by Star Advertiser.
  • Their signature ube cheesecake comes plain or with macapuno.
  • They also have plant-based ube soft serve, and a chiffon cake with a layer of leche flan.
  • Their products are sold all over Hawaii, including 7-Eleven and Aloha Island Mart stores.