It’s difficult to predict trends these days. After all, last year, who could have predicted that there would be a relentless virus that would somehow dictate our entire lifestyle? But things are beginning to settle in now that the new normal is becoming, well, normal. Pandemic aside, how we dine will continue to evolve as long as there are people who are willing to cook and eat.

As we adapt, here are the things we can expect this 2021.

1. Homegrown Food

Last year’s plantitas have upgraded themselves from watering succulents to growing their food. From hydroponics to aquaponics to vertical lawns, urbanites have discovered ways to create pocket fruit and vegetable gardens, even in the corners of their condos.

2. Fine Dining at Home

With restaurants at limited capacity and dining out still discouraged, top chefs have come up with ingenious ways to celebrate a higher class of dining at home. From improved ready-to-cook and ready-toeat meals to high-end home catering, the restaurant experience has been brought to homes.

3. Cloud Kitchens

Commissary kitchens will be the next phase as eateries continue to strengthen their delivery services. This shift also marks an economical pivot for chefs and restaurant owners who are struggling to make rent due to diminished dine-in services.

4. Conscientious Cuisine

From eating healthier and counting macros to sustainable cooking and slow food, blind indulgence has become a thing of the past. It’s as if the time indoors has made us all reflect on our eating habits. Expect more plant-based options, home-delivery meal plans, and more superfood intended to bolster well-being this year.

5. Your Neighbor’s Cooking

In 2020, with people stranded at home, they found their way in the kitchen, discovering new skills and new channels to make money. Cooking has become a lifeline, both as personal therapy and an extra source of income. Communities have been strengthened by this renewed sense of neighborliness, where we all buy from each other. As the pandemic continues to rage on, this kind of support, no matter how minimal, is what keeps all of us going.