We love potato chips, but they are no longer the only ones filling our pantries. Make way for a variety of flavorful, maybe even healthier, snacks using our locally available root crops. Fried or baked, sweet or savory: these crispy treats are sure to satisfy the munchies.

New Breed of Chips

Taro Chips

  • Known in the Philippines as “gabi” (pronounced GAH-bee), this root vegetable is one of the most ancient cultivated crops. It has been a staple in Southeast Asian, South Indian, African, and Pacific Island cultures for centuries.
  • Nutritionist Alicia Rumsey describes it as “a starchy vegetable like a potato but with twice the fiber.” It is a good source of Vitamin B-6, potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin C. And since it is abundant in B vitamins and folate, it is known to boost energy, metabolism, and red blood cell production.
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Cassava Chips

  • Also known in certain cultures as yuca, the tuberous root is native to Brazil and the tropical areas of Latin America. Cassava is a staple food in developing countries and grows easily in marginal soil, making it one of the most drought-tolerant crops.
  • Cassava is classified as either sweet or bitter. Both contain prussic acid that can cause cyanide poisoning, making its raw form highly inedible. Compared to potatoes, it is higher in protein but also contains twice the calories.
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Sweet Potato Chips

  • Kamote arrived in the Philippines during the Spanish galleon trade along with other crops from the New World. The young shoots and leaves are also eaten but it is mostly grown for its large, sweet, tuberous root.
  • According to the US Department of Agriculture, sweet potato is high in vitamin A or beta-carotene and eating just one would give you four times the recommended daily requirement. Vitamin A is important to the health of our eyes, cells, immune system, and embryonic growth. Sweet potato also has a lower glycemic index than potatoes which makes it a better alternative to those with type 2 diabetes.
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