There are many ways to beat the summer heat, like taking a dip in the swimming pool or locking yourself in an air-conditioned room. But none satisfies quite like enjoying a refreshing scoop or two of ice cream. Local artisanal brands have got you covered with their recently launched flavors.

Summer Ice Cream Flavors

Merry Moo

• Kelvin Ngo’s brand has collaborated with Poblacion bar Run Rabbit Run to come up with a boozy
concoction for you.
• Called Floppy Ears, this variant is the ice cream version of the bar’s signature cocktail, which the
Merry Moo owners fell in love with.


  • Young ice cream brand Kurimu has been churning new flavours almost every month and adding to their growing line of Japanese-inspired ice cream.
  • Their latest additions include the Azuki (Red Bean), a deep, earthy, and complex flavor with a light sweetness, made from their signature smooth red bean paste.
  • They also released the Chai Latte, which is inspired by the nostalgia of sipping Chai Latte in a cafe. They have teamed up with Jacob’s Well Chai to recreate that same memory in a pint. Japanese Barley Tea (“Mugicha”) and Indian Spiced Tea (“Masala Chai) are fused to bring a balance in aroma and flavour. The roasted barley rounds out the sharp notes of the spices and unwraps the aroma of cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, peppercorn, star anise, vanilla bean, paprika, and Assam tea cleanly with a smooth silky finish.


  • When it comes to creative ice cream flavors, Ian Carandangs Sebastians has got you covered.
  • For this season, he turns to cheese sorbetes for inspiration. It is a true Filipino original and proof that Pinoys did salty-sweet decades before it was trendy,he says.
  • He has the Cheesy Cookies and Creme, cheese ice cream thats loaded with crunchy cheese- filled sandwich cookie pieces.
  • He also introduced the Cheddar Apple Pie, cheddar ice cream with a baked apple pie sorbet ribbon and streusel crunch. As the name suggests, its apple pie with a piece of cheddar cheese in scoop form!
  • His Tres Quesos is his cheesiest flavour ever. It combines three cheeses: namely, grated cheddar, monterey jack, and Quickmelt in a tub. Place it in warm pan de sal for that satisfying street side sorbetes experience.
  • Sebastians also brings back his famous Ube Keso Ice Cream, now with an even cheesier cheese ice cream swirled with their rich ube halaya ice cream.